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Jackie Jones and C.E.O. "Alfie"

Jackie began her career as a graphic designer in the early 80's when she worked for such companies as Landor Associates and Soyster & Ohrenschall.

In the late 80's, she started her own studio, working on a wide range of projects from annual reports to logo design and websites.

In recent years, she has designed labels and supporting marketing materials for the beverage industry. Her art background in typographical styling and illustrating, both digital and freehand, gives her the ability to translate a client's vision into creative and memorable graphics.

During the initial meeting, Jackie will learn your
business inside out - who your customers are, your business philosophy and your goals and go on to translate this into attractive, well thought out designs
and a plan for the future on which to build.

Grafis delivers comprehensive marketing, branding, advertising and promotional services to companies looking to increase revenues and grow their business.

Jackie also creates portraits in oil, in particular for proud dog parents and parents of children. See more of her work at http://www.poochpix.com.


For more information, e-mail cocojones359@gmail.com
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